Friday, March 23, 2012

New Arrivals Blooming at Due South

If you have not figured it out...I tend to move at a slower pace than most :) Ok.. I tend to pretty much always be 12 steps behind at all times. In all fairness though, this month has been crazier than most and I hope to be a little more punctual for future posts... baby steps though... baby steps :)

Although I may be a little slow, Due South is quickly picking up the pace and doing great in our second month in business! Toad Hall's Open House was a great success and our little booth certainly did not disappoint! Many thanks to all who came out and supported us... and found something to take home that you could not live without. We have a lot of great pieces in our booth... that we would love for you to fill your house up with!

Phoebe has added some precious monogramming items, just in time for Easter and Amy has certainly  delivered when it comes to art with originals by Sophie Canale, Carson Reid and Miles Mailey. I am working on a few new items to add including a great chest and old table leg lamps that hopefully will be mighty nice when I get done with them!

If you have not visited Due South, please come on by soon! If you have, please visit again soon! We add new stuff weekly so be sure to check often to see what our latest finds are. My goal is to update the blog with new additions as well so if you see anything you like in the pics, please fell free to comment on it and we would be happy to let you know the details.

Happy Spring Y'all!

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